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Durable because all parts are replaceable

Sustainability is in the news every day and more and more initiatives are coming, Bo-Bottles warmly welcomes this. Because the more we are concerned with sustainability, the sooner we are all going to make a difference. In the development of the Bo-Bottles, sustainability was therefore an important starting point.

For example, from the start, a bottle of which all parts are replaceable has been designed. The stainless steel caps, the silicone closing rings and the glass bottle can all be ordered separately. This way you can continue to use the Bo-Bottle if a part breaks, loses or needs replacement.

Stainless steel caps

The exterior of the caps are made of durable stainless steel. The thread on the inside of the caps is made of polypropylene, a poison-free plastic that is resistant to bacteria growth. This is the only plastic used in the entire bottle. In both caps there is a removable, and therefore replaceable, silicone sealing ring that ensures that the bottle is 100% waterproof.

Borosilicate glass

Borosilicate glass is a very hard, heat resistant glass with a longer life than other types of glass and therefore stays nice when used intensively and can also withstand a bump.

Dutch Design

All parts of the Bo-Bottles are designed in the Netherlands and meet the high demands of the American FDA and the European MEA (food and goods authorities).


The glass Bo-Bottles reduce the consumption of plastic drinking bottles and so you contribute to a more sustainable world.

No aftertaste

No more residual taste of your drinks. Because the Bo-Bottles are made of glass, the drinks retain their original taste.


The screw-up top and bottom allows you to clean the Bo-Bottles well. The bottle can also easily be put in the dishwasher in this way.

What type are you going for?

The Bo-Bottles are available in two different types. The ‘S’ has a narrower diameter and is therefore easy to control, ideal for on the go. The ‘ULTD’ stands for unlimited because the possibilities with these bottles are endless. Because of the wider bottom, these bottles are very sturdy, ideal for indoor use, at work or in the hospitality industry.

The ‘S’

The ‘ULTD’

6 sizes with the same qualities

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