Bo-Bottle 750ULTD (0.75L)


  • Screwable bottom
  • Easy to fill with e.g. Fruit
  • Easy to clean
  • Also available in other sizes

Content 750ml
Ø 76

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Bo-Bottle 750ULTD
The Bo-Bottle 750 ULTD is a replacement for current glass decanters. This eliminates a lot of ice cubes during the pouring, no more fruit flies in your juices and no more pulp on the bottom by shaking for a moment. The bottle is perfectly cleanable in the dishwasher with the screwable bottom.

The Bo-Bottle is the first glass bottle
with a screwable bottom
This design bottle, designed in the Netherlands, is available in six different sizes, because of the screwable bottom they can be completely cleaned and also filled with ice cubes, fresh mint and fruit. The bottles are suitable for both hot, cold and fizzy drinks.

The purpose of the Bo-Bottle is to replace refillable and single-use plastic drinking bottles. Bo-Bottles is supported by the Plastic Soup Foundation of which Bo-Bottles is Business Angel. This foundation is committed to reduce plastic waste worldwide.

10 reasons for purchasing a Bo-Bottle:

  1. sustainable because all parts are replaceable
  2. healthy because the bottle is made of Borosilicate glass and not from harmful plastic
  3. screwable bottom so that the bottle can be filled from the bottom with ice cubes and fresh fruit
  4. hygienic because the bottle is completely demonstrable and therefore easy to clean
  5. 100% leak-free by the loose and therefore replaceable silicone closing rings
  6. no side taste because in glass the drinks retain their original taste
  7. light in weight and therefore pleasant to use
  8. different sizes and unlimited in use, look for all possibilities and formats on the website:
  9. high European quality requirements to which the bottle fully meets
  10. the design box in which the bottle is delivered makes it a unique gift


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