Order the Bo-Bottles as a business gift.

The Bo-Bottle is a unique gift of relationship, whether you give it to your employees or customers. This will always give you good life, so you not only give a beautiful design bottle as a gift but also give you a statement as a company in the field of sustainability. The bottles can of course be personalised.

For example, with a personal message like ‘message in the bottle’ for an anniversary, a Christmas thought or as a personal thank you. In addition, the logo or company name can be lasered into the stainless steel caps or printed on the thermal protective cover or directly on the glass.

Sustainable gift

By purchasing the Bo-Bottles, you as a company contribute to reducing the use of disposable plastic bottles and also support the Plastic Soup Foundation, together with us.

To create a mock-up, a customized quote or more information, you can always contact via
info@bo-bottles.com or call +31 6 150 741 96.


The glass Bo-Bottles reduce the consumption of plastic drinking bottles and so you contribute to a more sustainable world.

No aftertaste

No residual taste of your drinks. Because the Bo-Bottles are made of glass, the drinks retain their original taste.


The screw-up top and bottom allows you to clean the Bo-Bottles well. The bottle can also easily be put in the dishwasher in this way.

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