The first glass bottle with a screwable bottom.


The glass Bo-Bottles reduce the consumption of plastic drinking bottles and so you contribute to a more sustainable world.

No aftertaste

No residual taste of your drinks. Because the Bo-Bottles are made of glass, the drinks retain their original taste.


The screw-up top and bottom allows you to clean the Bo-Bottles well. The bottle can also easily be put in the dishwasher in this way.

Contribute together to plastic reduction

The goal of Bo-Bottles is to replace refillable and single-use plastic drinking bottles. To add this strength Bo-Bottles is a Business Angel of the Plastic Soup Foundation. This foundation is committed to reducing plastic waste worldwide.

6 sizes with the same qualities


Because the bottle is made of Borosilicate glass and not from harmful plastic.

100% leak-free

With the loose and therefore replaceable silicone rings.

No aftertaste

Because in glass the drinks retain their original taste.


The Bo-Bottles are designed so that all parts are replaceable.

Screwable bottom

So that the bottle can be filled from the bottom with ice cubes and fresh fruit.


With a cork pouror or fruit cup, the possibilities are endless.

Make your own fruit water.

The screw-down bottom allows you to fill the Bo-Bottles from the bottom with your favourites ingredients for delicious fruit water or a smoothie.

What combination is your favorite? Cucumber with mint and lemon, or prefer a vitamin boost with orange and pomegranate? Follow us on instagram for inspiration.

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