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Together we reduce the increasing pollution of our seas and oceans.

Bo-Bottles has arisen from an “irritation” about the frequent use of disposable plastic bottles and canters that are not practical in dealing. This was the starting point to investigate a sustainable alternative to both on-the-go and at home.

This has resulted in 2 different type of glass bottles with a total of 6 different sizes, but all with the same unique property. A screwable bottom. Read Claar Visser’s personal story below about the creation of Bo-Bottles.


“At my meeting location on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug I used the regular glass decanters for water and fresh juices. I just couldn’t clean these properly, took up a lot of space in the cooling and in the summer there were fast fruit flies. If you fill the decanters with ice cubes and fruit, they will also fall out, when pouring the first glass.”



Early 2017

“Shortly thereafter, I also made a trip through Asia where I was confronted with the terrible pollution of plastic, mainly by disposable bottles. This combined made me decide to look for beautiful durable glass bottles with a screwable bottom, but this simply didn’t exist at the time. Then I decided to design and produce these bottles myself.”


End of 2017

“The research went past glass manufacturers, wind instruments and designers inside and outside Europe. When a beautiful bottle was designed in six different sizes and would also be multifunctional, the biggest challenge came, finding the right producer who met the requirements such as impact on the environment, working conditions and fire quality.”



“When I found these, all materials had to be certified to meet the high demands of the American FDA and the European MEA (food and goods authorities). After extensive tests, all final molds were made, as each component is developed exclusively for Bo-Bottles. Production was finally possible to start in mid-2018 and the sale of Bo-Bottles started at the end of 2018.”

Our Plastic Use

Source: Plastic Soup Foundation

5 million tonnes

plastic ends up annually in our seas and oceans. Every year, 311 million tonnes of new plastic are produced, production increases by 8 annually.


of all the plastic waste in the oceans is discharged by industry and by people on land. It reaches the sea through rivers, canals and ports.

5000 meters

is the depth where microplastics have been found in oceans and plastic bottles have been spotted at 3500 metres.



the plastic ever made still exists. This is because plastic for 96 consists of synthetic molecules that do not occur in nature and therefore by (almost) not breaking down any microorganism.


all plastic is estimated to only be used once. It is then thrown away immediately, or ends up as litter. Only a small percentage is recycled.


pieces of plastic per square kilometre float in the North Pacific Gyre. A gyre is a rotating sea current, there are 5 of them in the world. They are huge vortexes in which the dirt is slowly sucked to the middle.

6 sizes with the same qualities

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